• I currently work as Head of Product and Design at Penrose Partners, a blockchain consulting firm.

    I was born in California and moved to Montreal in 2012 where I studied psychology and neuroscience. I now travel back and forth, spending my winters in sunny California.
  • My pottery studio is my happy place (@erica.grey).
  • I have a cat named Pear, who was found in a pear tree.
  • I love spending my time hiking outdoors and I’ve been doing yoga since 2009.
  • I’m a bit of a bookworm - check out what I like to read on goodreads!
  • I learned how to code from Neopets.
  • I live a low-waste lifestyle.
  • While in university, I worked as a cook and pastry chef for a few years, and my love for food has only gotten bigger since!